Dear Colleagues,

Current guidelines for image quality control regard CT and CBCT as different entities, although the
test parameters are the same: resolution, noise, contrast, homogeneity, CT number uniformity (or
image density values) and artefacts.

For image quality evaluation, the recently developed technology for CBCT has triggered the use of
objective measures, such as contrast-to-noise ratio and Fourier measures, instead of subjective
measures like contrast-detail objects and bar patterns.

With this in mind, the purpose of the EFOMP working group is to develop a practical, unifying protocol for
image quality control and dose of both CBCT and conventional CT. This includes CBCT for dental,
angiography, neuroradiology and radiotherapy applications, as well as CT for diagnostic and
radiotherapy applications.

If any of our members wishes to participate please contact CAMPBE at [email protected] .



C Yiannakkaras

EFOMP Delegate