COST ACTION TD1307 aims at bringing together all major groups in Europe working on a range of model reduction strategies with applications in many domains of science and technology. The increasing complexity of mathematical models used to predict real-world systems, such as climate or the human cardiovascular system, has led to a need for model reduction, which means developing systematic algorithms for replacing complex models with far simpler ones, that still accurately capture the most important aspects of the phenomena being modeled.

The Action will emphasize model reduction topics in several themes:

1.   design, optimization, and control theory in real-time with applications in engineering;

2.   data assimilation, geometry registration, and parameter estimation with a special attention to real-time computing in biomedical engineering and computational physics;

3.   real-time visualization of physics-based simulations in computer science;

4.   the treatment of high-dimensional problems in state space, physical space, or parameter space;

5.   the interactions between different model reduction and dimensionality reduction approaches.

The focus of the Action is methodological; however, a wide range of both scientific and industrial problems of high complexity is anticipated to motivate, stimulate, and ultimately demonstrate the meaningfulness and efficiency of the Action.”

The Biomedical Research Foundation is represented in this activity by Dr Costas Zervides. More information can be found on .