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President Erato Stylianou Markidou +357-99-680247 
Past President Prodromos Kaplanis  +357-99-614496 
Vice President   Irini Polycarpou +357-22-559573 
Secretary Dora Charalambous +357-99-409035
Treasurer Demetris Kaolis  +357-99-446132 
Council Member  Maria Georgiou +357-99-121036 
Council Member   Andreas Stylianou +357-99-534921
Council Member   Yiannis Parpottas +357-99-207796
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The Cyprus Association of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, CAMPBE for short, was created in 1988.

It is an “umbrella” type organisation encompassing Medical Physicists, Biomedical and Hospital Engineers, Medical Doctors and other professionals whose work is related to Physics or Engineering in Medicine. CAMPBE is an affiliated member to the following international organisations:

  • International Organisation of Medical Physics (IOMP)
  • European Federation of Organisation for Medical Physics (EFOMP)
  • International Federation of Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE)
  • International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA)

CAMPBE is an independent, non-governmental, non-unionised and non-profitable body. Its resources are exclusively used to foster and promote the objectives of the Association, as laid down in its constitution, with the ultimate goal of furthering knowledge and understanding in its fields of interest and thus contributing to the enhancement of health care delivery.
Since its creation CAMPBE has been promoting, developing and disseminating technology and science related to Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering as well as enhancing Radiation Protection by promoting relevant knowledge, information and training for the benefit of the public.

Interdisciplinary collaboration and activities are fostered by organising every year a conference, by running training courses on radiation protection and by the publication of the journal “CAMPBE Review”. Members are kept informed by the Association