Cyprus Association of Medical Physics and BioMeedical Engineering is an independent, non‐governmental body. It is strictly a non‐profit organisation, its resources being exclusively used to foster and promote the objectives of the Association, with the ultimate goal of furthering knowledge and understanding in its fields of interest and thus contributing to the enhancement of health care delivery.

The Objectives of the Association are as follows:

  • to promote, develop and disseminate technology and science related to Biomedical Engineering and Medical Physics for the public benefit;
  • to further an enhance Radiation Protection by promoting relevant knowledge, information,training and research;
  • to encourage and enhance the development of research activities in its fields of interest;
  • to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and activities and thus encourage the exchange of experiences and transfer of technology amongst professionals working in the health and training sectors;
  • to act as a forum for promoting conferences, publication of articles, training courses, meetings and seminars;
  • to establish collaboration with other international and national societies and agencies;
  • to publish within its financial means a newsletter to inform its members and interested parties of developments in its fields of interest;
  • to undertake such activities, as resources permit, which promote public awareness in the fields of Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics and related fields;
  • to reflect and promote the interests of its affiliate groups of professionals and seek participation in relevant Governmental Committees, forums or meetings which may be setup concerning their fields of interest, with the aim of  presenting the Association’s views;
  • to encourage educational programmes which develop scientific and technical expertise in Biomedical Engineering, Medical Physics and related fields;
  • to ensure that the professional groups which compose the Association develop bilateral links with associated bodies and maintain and strengthen their individuality and particular fields of interest.